Scarecrow Clout 2023

Back for a second year – which means we can now call it an annual event – was the ‘St. Sebastian’ Scarecrow Clout. This year saw a significant increase in the scarecrow entries, giving everyone the opportunity to shoot at varying distances of 180, 140, and 120 yards.

For those wondering why we called this particular shoot the ‘St. Sebastian’, we named it after the eponymous patron saint of archers, renowned for once being tied to a tree and shot with arrows. However, unlike our scarecrows, he lived to fight another day.

Scoring for the shoot is as for a normal Clout, but with the addition of a 10-point score available for arrows that strike the scarecrows. This is of course much harder than you would think.

We were very lucky with some fantastic weather, with it being so warm that Emily had to take her hat off. Notable scores were Gabriel with 39, Nicole with 53 and an alarmingly accurate headshot, Claire with 58 and a hit to poor old Fred’s neck, and Emily with a whopping 89 and a shot that almost certainly made Fred’s eyes water.

An enjoyable time was had by everyone, except maybe the scarecrows. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and to those who spent time building the scarecrows. Looking forward to next year already.

An image of a scarecrow
Poor old ‘Fred’ was injured before the shooting even began.
An image of a scarecrow
Dare you shoot at the ‘Slasher’?
An image of a scarecrow
‘Pumpkin Head’ added the post-Halloween vibes
An image of a scarecrow
‘Larry’ came along in casual dress (note – someone please remember that the chairman needs their decorating clothes back)
An image of a scarecrow
And last but not least, the original ‘St Sebastian’ made his triumphant return
Archers on the shooting line aiming arrows
Ready to take on the advancing scarecrow menace. Where are we aiming again?
Archers search for their arrows
Let the search for arrows commence…
The first arrow hits 'Fred' the scarecrow
Fred takes an arrow! Claire (not pictured 🤣) gets the first body shot
A direct hit on the scarecrow
As shots go, it doesn’t get much better than this Nicole
A direct hit on the scarecrow
Dave shows Slasher who’s boss
A scarecrow with arrows in it's nether region
There were almost certainly tears in Fred’s eyes after Emily struck this one 😭
A group shot of archers at the shoot
Thanks all. See you again next year!