Shooting Guidelines

Guidelines for Outdoor Shooting

We are fortunate to have the use of a large field with stunning views over the surrounding countryside, but this is also the school playing field and we have responsibilities to the school as well as observing the general safety guidelines for Archery.


  • The club meets on Wednesday evening through the outdoor season and Sunday morning all year. In addition, members are allowed to shoot on Saturday afternoons by arrangement.
  • School events always take precedence so if you arrive and an event is happening that they have not notified us about please do not try to shoot.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 Archers present – preferably more – before shooting can take place. You will not be insured if you are shooting alone.
  • Access to the grounds is via the main gate which will only be open at pre-arranged times. Exit is via an automatic gate which opens inwards on approach – please take care when using this exit.
  • When driving through the school grounds, please observe all signage and be aware that many children and adults may be ALWAYS using the road both on foot and in other vehicles – DRIVE CAREFULLY.


  • Parking is only permitted in the designated parking area. Do not park on the roadway or the grass verge alongside the roadway.
  • Vehicle access to the grass/shooting area is only allowed in special cases – either for those archers with accessibility requirements or for equipment movement.

The Shooting Range

  • Please make yourself familiar with the safety guidelines for the layout of a shooting range, which are displayed on the back of the shed door.
  • If you are in any doubt about the safety arrangements or your ability to shoot safely DO NOT SHOOT.
  • In summer the range is laid out so that the shooting line runs parallel with the woodland and in front of our storage units.
  • In winter, because of the exposed position of our ground and the low sun, the shorter distances allow us to place the shooting line parallel with the post and rail fence.
  • Targets should always be pegged to the ground.

Approaching and Leaving the Shooting Range


  • If shooting has already commenced or you are leaving early, please make sure that you cross the field in a line that keeps you behind the shooting line. Even experienced archers make mistakes and equipment failure can happen to anyone.


  • Take extra care when approaching the shooting ground in winter.
  • Always approach or leave on a line with the cricket nets, do not be tempted to cut across the back of the targets.
  • Do not approach the shooting line near to the measuring rope, always walk close to the tree line.


  • The targets are spread further apart in summer and may well be set at different distances so take extra care to check that everyone is behind the waiting line before moving to the shooting line. Remember people may well be bending down behind the targets looking for arrows and young children are particularly vulnerable.
  • Avoid setting targets on the school’s cricket square or walking over the cricket square to retrieve arrows.
  • If using a split line to enable independent shooting and collection for long and short-distance targets, these must be separated by a minimum of 20 yards.
  • Every arrow must be accounted for whether it is your own or belongs to the club.
  • We allow a reasonable amount of time to search for lost arrows between ends but if one is proving particularly difficult to find, shoot with a replacement and we will all help to look for the missing one at the end of the session.
  • If you are trying a new distance or a new piece of kit, ask someone to watch where your first couple of arrows go. Nobody will mind, and it may save a lot of time searching later.
  • If, after every effort has been made, you still cannot find a missing arrow you should write it down in the lost arrow book that hangs in the shed. Someone looking for a different one may well find it on another occasion.


  • While we have exclusive access to the range it is an open space, and we cannot prevent other people or animals entering the range. Archers should always remain vigilant and observant.
  • If in doubt shout STOP and do not start again until the threat has been assessed.
  • There is a bridleway in the field running along the other side of the post and rail fence. If walkers or more usually horse riders are using the path stop and do not shoot until they are safely out of range. Horses may become unsettled at the sound of arrows being released from a bow.


Most archers would much prefer to be shooting outdoors. If you are new to archery and these guidelines seem a lot to remember, don’t worry. It is basic common sense and consideration and care for others. If you are unsure about any aspect of shooting outdoors, it is always best to check with one of our experienced archers who will be more than happy to help.

Guidelines for Indoor Shooting

The Sports Hall is used in the winter months for our evening club session and for special events such as Beginners courses.


  • Access to the grounds is via the main gate which will only be open at pre-arranged times. Exit is via an automatic gate which opens inwards on approach – please take care when using this exit.
  • When driving through the school grounds, please observe all signage and be aware that a large amount of children and adults will be using the road both on foot and in other vehicles – DRIVE CAREFULLY AT ALL TIMES.
  • The Hall is usually master locked by the school representative. It is opened in readiness for shooting, yet we on occasion we may still need to use the keycode when entering and leaving. Committee members are aware of the code.
  • We use a storage shed at the side of the hall, accessible by key held by club keyholders only.


  • Please use the main car park, observing all speed limit and directional signage when entering, and being aware of other users.
  • Parking near the hall entrance door is reserved for members with disabilities and for those who must transport items in addition to normal equipment. 

The Shooting Range

  • Due to the confined space, special care is needed when entering through the main door, if shooting is in progress ALWAYS wait until archers are collecting arrows. We may occasionally open the emergency exit at the rear to enable toilet access without disturbing the shooting line.
  • When 5 or more archers are shooting, we will appoint a Line Captain, who is responsible for marking the register, taking shooting fees, controlling shooting by way of whistle (2 blast on the line, 1 blast to shoot, 3 blasts to collect). This person should always be vigilant; ensuring doorways are safe and that archers are shooting in a safe manner.
  • The range is usually 20 yards, with a maximum of 25 metres. The high safety netting must always be in place. Members should place their own equipment at the rear of the range, well behind the designated waiting line.
  • All members must help with the setting up and removal of equipment according to their physical ability.


  • Archers are often standing close to each other, so ensure that your bow and arrow are loaded pointing towards the target and not poking someone in the back!
  • We use up to eight targets with a maximum of two people shooting on each at any one time. If we have more archers, then we will operate two ranks. Leave and join the line only if the archers either side of you have completed their shot. The transfer between first and second rank is not whistle controlled.
  • When collecting arrows, please be vigilant and avoid stepping on any that may be on the floor.
  • If required retrieve any that may have cleared the netting and embedded itself in the wall. Shooting will not recommence until all arrows shot have been retrieved/found.


  • A First-Aid kit, Risk Assessment and Emergency Evacuation sheet are displayed on a board in the storeroom. Evacuation is to the main car park.