Valentines Shoot

Love was in the air, along with some arrows, at Worcester Bowmen this Valentine’s Day! Jamie organised a super fun shoot with some very interesting targets. Cupid himself would have been impressed!

The first target was a heart-shaped mosaic adorned with standard target colours, but with a twist. It was like shooting at a work of art! And alongside it was an amazing dart-board style target that was also heart-shaped. Talk about shooting for the heart!

This just about sums up how easy it was to score on this target

The dart-board style target was a little easier to score on, but it required some serious aim. It was a total rush trying to hit those higher-scoring zones, but it also came with a risk. Miss the target completely, and you were going to feel the love from the rest of the other archers for dropping points.

Easier points on offer as long as you were on target

Once we figured out the rules (and agreed that Jamie’s decisions were final), we got down to business. We shot 10 ends of 3 arrows on each target, and let’s just say, it was no easy feat. The mosaic-style target was a real challenge, and there was some (not overly) serious debate about how much of each colour was on each individual target. Accusations of “there’s more gold on that one!” were flying left and right, as everyone attempted to psych each other out.

C’mon Steve – there’s gold on there somewhere

To add to the fun, Jamie put together a Valentine’s Day soundtrack that had us all debating which music was the best to shoot too. The debate rages on, but we all agreed that Jamie has very eclectic taste.

A huge thank you to Jamie for organising such an amazing shoot and for keeping us all in line (mostly). We can’t wait for the next fun shoot, even if it does revolve around another saint!